Monday, October 09, 2006

RINO Roundup--Sports Edition

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You know what the definition of a good weekend is? That's when the Yankees get knocked out of the post season and the Eagles beat the Cowgirls.There's truly nothing more to make a Philly sports fan happier.

Anyway, I'm hosting this weeks roundup of the RINO's, a fiercely independent group of thinkers who are worthy of a click even on non-roundup days.

Over at Danegerus, a post on Muslims cabbies who refuse to transport those who have alcohol or the blind with dogs. Pure dhimmitude. But don't worry, Dane's got an idea I for one hope catches on.

The excellent Techography has this story about a man no liberal can call a "chickenhawk". His name is Jason Brown or Represntative Brown to his constituents. To his unit he's known as Staff Sargeant Brown. He is a a representative in the Missouri legislature and was recently wounded in Iraq. He is expected to make a recovery. Paul at Techography did some research and put together a nice biography of a good man.

Don Surber gets slammed by the drive-by media who--as usual--are mistaken. The current Mark Foley non-scandal (there was no sex involved as far as we know) and the Gerry Studds debacle are discussed. Remind never to go against Don.

The Commissar looks at the key Senate races and sees a dem surge but as I've been saying, not enough to take the chamber. I disagree with him on Menendez winning, people in NJ have had enough of unethical losers and believe it or not, McGreeveys barnstorming book tour just reminded New Jersey voters of how incredibly debased the donk political machine in NJ is. Kean wins it by 2%. The indispensible AJ Strata sees a brighter picture for the GOP.

Enrevanche has a post about the so-called "list"that I blogged about here.

Jane at Armies of Liberation has news on the indictments of several men in connection with shipping body armor and chemical suits to Yemen in violation of state department regulations. She also reposts a piece she wrote about the suspected gassing of Shiites. I try to read Jane every day and you should too. Anyone who follows middle east developments knows that Yemen is a very important nation in the war against Islamofascism. Jane is the authority on events in that nation.

Update: Jane also has this distressing post.

Thanks to all who submitted entries.

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