Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Please Be True

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John Heinz Kerry is going to make another failed bid at the presidency:

A story in today's Boston Globe adds more weight to what The Fix has been hearing for much of the past two years -- that John Kerry is planning to run again for the Democratic presidential nomination.

As the Globe reports, Kerry's schedule is loaded of appearances in key 2006 (and 2008 states) over the final days of the midterm campaign (20 states in 30 days). The newspaper quotes several unnamed advisers asserting that the Massachusetts senator is all-but-certain to run in 2008.

Think about it, another election cycle with Kerry saying stupid things like "Can I get me a hunting license here?" and "I never fall down" on the slopes. What about his slightly insane wife? I mean, think about it.

In an election cycle that will feature Hillary, Obama, Gore and the other assorted misfits, wouldn't it be comforting to know that Kerry will be there for daily comic relief?

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