Thursday, October 05, 2006

The Iranian Answer to Womens Rights

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If you can peel yourself away from the continuing Foley saga, perhaps you may want to know about a real scandal:

8. If you fail to do any or even some of these, I assure you that you will remember the image of a bunch of stones pinging against a woman’s head cracking open her skull sometime after October 12. You have eight days.

Of course read numbers 1-7.

Feministe (who I ecoriated a few days ago) has more, which is a rarity in the leftist blogosphere when it comes to Muslims treatment of women.

A cursory search of the NOW site shows that this isn't even close to being on their radar:

Violence Against Women? No, nothing there except a June post about Duke and the rape case.

Global Feminism? No, nothing there except some shots at Bush drivel about CAFTA being bad for women.

What about if we did a search with the search term "Iran"? No, nothing except Bush bashing.

I guess we see where their priorities rae. They only care about women in America who're freer than anyone in the world. As for those who honestly face dire situations, they culdn't give a damn.

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