Monday, October 30, 2006

Global Warming Smackdown

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Two scientists with opposing views on global warming and climate change clashed:

BOULDER - The planet may be warming, but what started out as a polite discussion about hurricane trends turned plain hot here Wednesday.

At issue was the role - if any - that global warming plays in fueling monster storms.
But illustrating the volatile nature of the debate, the scientific conference descended into name calling.

Colorado State University's William Gray, one of the nation's preeminent hurricane forecasters, called noted Boulder climate researcher Kevin Trenberth an opportunist and a Svengali who "sold his soul to the devil to get (global warming) research funding."

Trenberth countered that Gray is not a credible scientist.

"Not any more. He was at one time, but he's not any more," Trenberth said of Gray, one of a handful of prominent U.S. scientists who question whether humans play a significant role in warming the planet by burning fossil fuels that release heat-trapping gases.

Because Gray went against the beliefs of Trenberth, Gray is now no longer credible? All Gray did was point out that Trenberth needs money to continue his research, that research hinges on the viability of global warming. If global warming is shown to be a farce, Trenberth has to find a new line of work.

Global warming is religion for secular greens.

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