Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fourteen Days Out from the Election

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And the donks are cautiously optimistic. Unfortunately for them, the Democrats are the Philadelphia Eagles, they can snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the oddest fashion.

Take this last weekend, Brian Westbrook breaks a 50-some yarder to put the birds ahead with little time left. A reject kicker boots through a near-record 62-yard field goal and the Eagles lose.

It seems as though the Foley gambit was a huge mistake that accomplished nothing but ro rally the GOP base. The polls have tightened in several key states and the Senate looks like it will stay in elephantine hands. The House is a worry but we still have a few weeks to see how things play out.

Update: From the Say Anything blog (again), we can only hope they shoot themselves in the foot like this more often.

Update 2: Glenn's readers feel that both houses will be retained. Not shocking but it is interesting the confidence that his readers are feeling.

Update 3: MKH has a roundup of more good news. It keeps getting better.

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