Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Night Lazy Blogging (Pink Floyd Edition)

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Here's a cut from The Wall recorded live in 1980. Whereabouts are unknown but the choices are London, New York or L.A.. Note Roger with the acoustic in all his egostistical glory and a great solo by Gilmour.


Here's another. Rainbow's Stone Cold. Ritchie Blackmores guitar work and Roger Glover's bass is good. Hell, Joe Lynn Turner's vocals are great until you see the video and he decides to act like an idiot.

Here's another Rainbow video espousing all the cold war leftist rhetoric. Crazy-ass times were the eighties.

What happened to Ritchie Blackmore? Does anyone know?

Finally, this last one. Absolute hippy porn (Update: note John Kerry with Lennon):

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