Monday, September 18, 2006

Roger Waters Continues to Rile

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Drudge is posting a picture and short story about Roger Waters and a flying pig prop that says "impeach Bush" among other things. One of the reviewers who saw the show said he interspersed pictures of Bush Reagan and Thatcher with Mao and other dictators.

Have any of you people heard of Roger Waters before today? The guy is a friggin' communist. He's always been. Listen to Pigs (Three Different Ones) where he slams Thatcher and other British leaders. Hell, listen to entire Animals CD and you'll see where his politics were and are.

He gets off on getting people worked up--especially conservatives. He always will.

Update: Waters got the day of the election wrong. I say to all who hate Bush: Vote Democrat on Nov. 2nd! The old donk motto "vote early and often" is apt.

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