Friday, September 15, 2006

McGreedy Watch

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It's starting and it won't go away too soon. Former NJ Governor Jim McGreevey taped a segment with Oprah earlier this week for release during next. He supposedly poured out his soul to the talk show queen. Andrea Peyser has some thoughts:

THERE are several words in the English language that can better describe Jim McGreevey than his chosen title, "gay American."

One word would be "whore."

McGreevey's sin was never his sexuality. He was a corrupt politician who raped the people he served. He hired a foreigner, a man he now says was his lover, for a top position in his administration.

And when he was about to be caught, the coward hid behind his gayness - a move so cynical that I'm surprised it worked.

McGreevey used his homosexuality as a shield from his critics--critics who rightfully saw that the man was another vile example of north Jersey sewer politics. He is now just another scandal plagued hack who will sell his story of deception and unethical behavior for a few bucks.

This man sold out the safety of my friends, family and neighbors for nothing more than a little nookie from a man he placed in a position of great responsibility and was not even remotely capable.

Please just go away, Jim.

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