Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Left and Radical Islam (updated)

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Charles Johnson quotes extensively from a left-wing forum and some idiot's recollection of marching on the "truther" side at Ground Zero:

I guess during the process of putting up the sign, the Truth Movement had been told to relocate, because I looked around and suddenly the black shirts were no where in sight. Then the hate began. Some Jew looking dude in a suit came up to me and asked “where are you from?” I said “PA”, and he said “you should go back to PA, asshole” and walked away. It took me by suprise, and I started laughing, I thought about saying “you should go back to Israel” but instead just shouted to him “you have a nice day too sir” and smiled. Then some lady walked by the huge sign and said something dimented about “you guys will pay in hell”. Easily laughed at. Then as I’m holding up the one end of the sign, I felt the sign being literally pulled down, lol, and looked and some idiot had grabbed the other pole and was wrestling to pull it down, I kept my end up and the cops grabbed the flaghead (literally, he was wearling a flag bandanna) and the other guy got control and the sign was back up.

Emphasis mine. It seems as though the transformation of the left is complete. They used to be an ideology that accepted everyone--especially Jews. Not anymore. They have chosen to align themselves with the Islamofascist movement. It seems like a cozy place for them.


Anywayz, that was the most hectic it got, the walk up the street, we were feeling the hate big time, all the suits and ties were pissed at us for questioning things, they hate Arabs so bad that anyone asking questions that might lead to Arabs not being responisible might as well be Arab. Disgusting, and to think that these are the same type of people that worked in the towers and were killed who I travelled from PA to speak up for, it’s sad.

Read the whole thing, it's hilarious. Keep in mind, this kid is the future of the left.

Update: This is not hilarious:

The picture above is International Solidarity Movement "activists" holding AK-47's and whooping it up with al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade terrorists in the West Bank.

The separation between leftist and Islamist is erased and they've reached Rachel Corrie territory now.

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