Monday, September 04, 2006

Hooray for Dhimmiwood

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And, of course, Islam, as the Hollywooders and every Democrat who'll pull a lever in November know, Islam is all about peace, which is demonstrated every day in Gaza, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Philippines, London, Spain, airliners, in Jewish centers worldwide, in al-Qaeda messages, on al-Jazeera, in Bali, in Australia, in Israel, and almost anywhere you look -- yep, Islam is just doggone deathly peaceful.

And when you're all about peace, the Hollywood types, progressives, the left, the New York Times, CNN, the Democrats, the appeasers, and the anti-war crowd will climb all over your band wagon in a heart beat.

Or, in Islam's case, roll onto your prayer rug after a quick listen to Mr. Gadahn, a trip to a high end boutique specializing in Muslim apparel, and presto -- you're ready for November and the final sell-out.

Hell, why go through a Centanni break down when you can be ready in advance.

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