Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Hatred of America

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Anne Applebaum has great piece in the Telegraph today. I'll excerpt this:

That week's edition of Question Time featured a sustained attack on Phil Lader, the former US ambassador to Britain – and a man who had lost colleagues in the World Trade Centre – who seemed near to tears as he was asked questions about the "millions and millions of people around the world despising the American nation". At least some Britons, like many other Europeans, were already secretly or openly pleased by the 9/11 attacks.

Not just Britons and Europeans Ms. Applebaum, many Americans were pleased as we witnessed yesterday by this mass gathering of conspiracy theorists, BDS sufferers and other assorted idiots at Ground Zero.

Note the tough look on his face. He's mad and determined to prove that the evil Bushitler was behind the whole 9/11 attacks. What a friggin' loser. I wish the FDNY, PAPD and NYPD had him somewhere for a few minutes.

I ask this though; Bush had only been in office for 8-months when the towers were struck, in that time he had done nothing to offend Europeans with the possible exception of not supporting the Kyoto Protocols (and in hindsight that was a prescient stand). Were Europeans then feeling this way when Clinton was in office? They must have been because you don't go from 8-years of loving America to hating it nearly immediately. So why did they feel pleased?

Update: The "truthers" are insane. Popular Mechanics learns the hard way.

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