Monday, September 18, 2006

The Fairness Doctrine and the Death of Free Speech

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Are the Democrats seeking to silence those they can't beat? Maybe:

Having seemingly failed to knock Limbaugh out in the free market, where, oh where will the liberals turn? We already have the answer. If Democrats win control of Congress, the plan of some is to legislate radio time for liberals through reinstituting the Fairness Doctrine and thereby, in all likelihood, silencing Limbaugh and conservative friends. In other words, if speech gets too free to make you happy, bring your heel down on its head.

Let’s have some history here.

The Fairness Doctrine went into effect in 1949 as a regulation of the Federal Communications Commission. It essentially said that stations had to provide opportunities for other sides to be heard if someone said something politically controversial on air. The consequence was a quietude strikingly at variance with this democracy of ours.

...Democratic members of the House have already introduced legislation that would restore the Fairness Doctrine in such a way that radio stations carrying Limbaugh at great financial advantage would have to carry someone like Franken for an equal length of time at what would almost certainly be a great financial disadvantage. Hey, the stations might decide, let’s go with rock music - or whatever - because it’s easier and more profitable. If Democrats take back Congress, this anti-speech legislation could have a good chance of enactment, something to keep in mind when you enter a voting booth.

I'm hoping Ambrose is wrong, but the donks have been out power for so long, once they regain even a little, they will lock it up as best they can.

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