Sunday, September 24, 2006

Always Ask the Handicappers

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If you want to know the line on anything in the world, London handicappers will have it. From the Ryder Cup to US elections.

Don Surber has a post that shows that the odds makers aren't too hot on the donks prevailing come November.


Gasoline prices are down 48 cents a gallon in a month. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is up 7% this year. Unemployment is below 5% and tax revenues are at an all-time high.

War on families? If so, the families are winning.

Which leaves the war on terror. Dr. Dean wrote, "We will have a defense policy that is tough and smart, starting with phased redeployment of our troops in Iraq, and shore up our efforts to attack al Qaeda and fight the war on terror."

Voters calculate that as phased redeployment=immediate withdrawal=surrender.

Equals why bettors have pushed the odds down to even in London.

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