Monday, September 04, 2006

The AFP Continues the anti-Muslim Theme

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As a continuation of this post from yesterday, we have AFP now slamming the US as oppressing Muslims:

DEARBORN, United States (AFP) - Discrimination and harassment by law enforcement have come to plague American Muslims in the years since the terrorist attacks of September 11.

There have been suspicious looks, slurs, physical attacks, extra screening at airports and arrests on groundless charges.And it seems to be getting worse.

A recent Gallup poll showed that 39 percent of Americans admit to being prejudiced against Muslims and that nearly a quarter say they would not want a Muslim for a neighbor.

I guess the next logical question would be a poll in Saudi Arabia asking the same questions of Saudi Citizens.

Let's change Muslim to Christian. It would go something like this:

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia(AFP) - Discrimination and harassment by law enforcement and clerics have come to plague Saudi Christians in the last ten years. Although no Christians have attacked Saudi cities such as the attacks on 9/11, Saudi official policies ensure that Christians will always be second-class citizens.

There have been beheadings of apostates, stoning of homosexuals, physical attacks, whippings for women who fail to adhere to the strict dress code and rapes that mainly go unreported because of the hardship involved in proving rape in the Kingdom.

Furthermore, there are constant arrests on groundless charges.

And it seems to be getting worse, Christians who are already banned from entering Mecca and Medina are now in fear of being further restricted.

A recent Gallup poll showed that 89 percent of Saudi's admit to being prejudiced against Christians and that nearly all say they would not want a Christian for a neighbor.

That seems a bit more realistic, doesn't it?

Update: Gateway Pundit has the real facts about hate crimes that the AFP neglected to tell us about.

Update 2: The WaPo continues hammering away at this meme. Americans--at least centrist ones--are not going to feel bad for Muslims because the NY Times, AFP and WaPo publish stories about their supposed tough times. It has nothing to do with hating Islam or Muslims and has everything to so with the takeover of Islam by radical elements and the hesitancy of so-called moderate Muslims to take a stand against them.

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