Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11 Memorial Notes

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*Bush is speaking now. The speech is non-political but the donks will scream he politicized it. Krempasky has the transcript.

*Allah has CNN's coverage as it happened that day.

Part one is below:

Note how quickly the market futures dropped. It's amazing video.

Part two here:

*Charles has amateur video that is astounding. Update: Charles also has the most disturbing video of the WTC I've seen. It's uncomfortable, but not as uncomfortable as the decision those trapped in the towers had to make. This video was used in Zacarias Moussaoui's trial and somehow got on You Tube. I warn you that it is disturbing as does Charles. I contemplated not linking to it but I would be doing a disservice to those who made the choice.

*One Marines View has a great idea.

* Agent Bedhead host the RINO carnival and links to ton of 9/11 thoughts.

*Double 3 has some thoughts.

*The National Constitution Center has a 9/11 exhibit that opened today and runs for a few months. I'll go and check it out and get back to you.

I was looking for some lefty blog that was worth linking to. I read three or four and the posts made me sick. I'm sure there are some worth noting but I only got through Think Progress's slam on Bush and had enough.

Update: The donk elected officials couldn't help themselves. Now all elected Democrats make me sick with exception of a very few.

If we are not winning this war, why is al-Qaeda threatening the gulf and Israel? Perhaps what we are doing is working. One can only hope.

I fear it's coming and sooner rather than later.

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