Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sunday War Update

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Ten Israeli's were killed by a barrage of missiles fired into Kfar Giladi:

One rocket landed near the entrance of the communal farm of Kfar Giladi on the border, killing all 10 victims. Channel Two television reported that nine reserve soldiers were among the dead, and television footage showed a soldier holding his head in grief.

"It was a direct hit on a crowd of people," said Dan Ronen, the chief of the northern police command Ronen told Army Radio the Katyusha barrage was the most intense in 23 days of fighting with Hezbollah.

Black smoke rose over the town and convoys of police, military and rescue vehicles raced through the kibbutz. A group of people ran through a field toward a military helicopter, carrying a stretcher with an injured man wearing a bloody bandage and a respiration bag.

...The barrage of at least 80 rockets lasted more than 15 minutes. More rockets were fired as rescue workers tried to treat and evacuate the injured.

Iran and Syria seem to have been successful in resupplying Hezbollah.

In other news, Lebanon and Syria reject the US/French peace plan.

Update: The IDF captured one of the kidnappers that triggered the hostilities.

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