Sunday, August 13, 2006

Pictures From SF Anti-Israel Rally

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Via the stealthy Zombie:

Just don't call them anti-Semitic.

The Israel=Nazi's analogy is so prevalent lately that it sadly fails to shock me.

Yes, that is a Hamas flag in front of San Francisco city hall.

Go look at all the pictures from the rally. The "progressives" know how to throw one hell of a party.

Here's the San Francisco Chronicle's pix. Note, you don't see any of the signs I've posted above. Also note, even though Hezbollah and Hamas flags were plentiful, you don't see a single one in the Chronicle's gallery.

Update: Tim Blair has thoughts.


Beetle Beat


Ed Driscoll

Barking Moonbat EWS

Update 2: More pictures here and here including this from DC:

Those socialists sure do hang with an interesting crowd.

Update 3: Age of Hooper has video and pictures from A.N.S.W.E.R's little event yesterday in D.C.. Be very afraid. Here's how far things have come:

No ambiguity here. This guy is actively rooting for a known terrorist organization that has killed hundreds of Americans. The mask has truly come off and the left is being exposed for the anti-American/anti-Semites they are. I didn't see this guy carrying that sign on any of the major news sites.

Update 4: For crying out loud, even the Guardian gets it. Will wonders never cease?

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