Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Pat Buchanan's Hatred

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Why does Pat Buchanan hate Israel so much? To most sane people, he's begun to sound like Charlie Brown's teacher and is tuned out. He's so far to the right that he's crossed the threshold into the far-left. Take this for example:

When Gillerman was exulting in the disproportionality of Israel's attack on Lebanon, U.S. Sen.Hillary Clinton was smiling smugly beside him. When the UN Security Council tabled a resolution condemning Hezbollah's igniting of the war and Katyusha attacks, but also the excesses of Israel's reprisals, U.S. Ambassador John Bolton vetoed it. When a few congressmen sought to moderate a pro-Israeli resolution by adding words urging "all sides to protect innocent life and infrastructure," GOP leader John Boehner ordered the words taken down.

Why? Because, says Zbigniew Brzezinski, AIPAC, the Israeli lobby, had prepared the resolution and wanted it passed the way they wrote it. Our Knesset complied. It sailed through the House 410-8.

Compare that to any Israel thread on DU or Daily Kos. This peace could have just as easily appeared in the Arab News (and probably will).

Here's more:

Though Israel is dissembling now, Gillerman spoke the truth then. No sooner had Hezbollah taken the two Israeli soldiers hostage than Israel unleashed an air war -- on Lebanon. The Beirut airport was bombed, its fuel storage tanks set ablaze. The coast was blockaded. Power plants, gas stations, lighthouses, bridges, roads, trucks and buses were all hit with air strikes.

Within 48 hours, it was apparent Israel was exploiting Hezbollah's attack to execute a preconceived military plan to destroy Lebanon -- i.e, the collective punishment of a people and nation for the crimes of a renegade militia they could not control. It was the moral equivalent of a municipal police going berserk, shooting, killing and ravaging an African-American community, because Black Panthers had ambushed and killed cops.

This is a clever ploy. The difference is simple; the "African-American community" is not a government, they are citizens, and thus are not responsible for controlling other citizens in their midst. The Lebanese government on the other hand does have the responsibility of controlling an organization that is not only on their territory but also a part of the government.

The analogy is completely wrong and Buchanan knows it. He's intentionally using race-charged rhetoric to inflame people against Israel.

From what we've seen from Buchanan these last ten years, it's not surprising. Thank the good Lord he's on MSNBC where no one watches him.

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