Thursday, August 03, 2006

More on Lieberman, Hamsher & Lamont

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Wouldn't it be ironic if the very bloggers that lifted Ned Lamont from obscurity to a close race against the former VP candidate were the ones who sunk his campaign right when victory seemed in reach? Lamont's people must have gone ballistic when they heard that their main supporter and lapdog posted a picture of Lieberman in black face on a major website.

Will this event make candidates rethink their alliance with bloggers? The whole blogger/candidate marriage is a creation of the left and they've aligned themselves with many (all lost). We all remember Kos pushing Paul Hackett hard then throwing him under the bus at the behest of Jerome Armstrong? I think this incident could be the stake in the heart of the blogger/candidate phenomenon--at least on the liberal side.

Another issue that I've not read anything about is the fact that when Hamsher was asked by the Lamont campaign to take the picture down, she immediately complied. If she is not part of the Lamont team--as he claims--then why did she comply so quickly? To first post the picture, then remove it at his behest makes me wonder what other information she's accrued while traveling with Lamont that she hasn't published.

Update: Frank J. has his say:

Yes, those left-wing bloggers are a nutty bunch, so you may want to look into this blog thing. Just ask anyone currently standing around you; they're probably one of these left-wing bloggers. Don't make any sudden movements, though; they scare easy and always lash out.

If you're wondering what right-wing bloggers do, well we just stand back and watch this freak show. It's fun! Thanks for the entertainment, BTW (shorthand for “by the way”).

Update 2: Ned Lamont's spokesperson claims that Ned is "active" in affirmative action. Evidently he's not active with respect to his company's board. Here's his board of directors:

Stephen Jenks
Jonathan Zimbalist
Steve Simmons

Brian Benz' picture was not available. Notice anything about these three men?

Update 3: Thanks Ace. For the record, my boardroom is not very diverse either, but then it consists of just me as CEO, CFO, Treasurer, etc. I guess I could put on black face several days a week...

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