Friday, August 04, 2006

McKinney in a Battle

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Cynthia McKinney is fighting it out in her run-off campaign against challenger Hank Johnson. Johnson really hit McKinney with this:

And for one of the first times publicly, Johnson took off the gloves. After McKinney accused him of being under the thumb of Republicans because of the money he has gotten from GOP-leaning donors, he struck back.

"I can accuse her of being under the control of terrorists, but I won't" Johnson said, because of the money that her campaign has gotten from Muslim interests.

That's a nice slap. McKinney has lived off the largesses of Muslim group for years. More:

On the current crisis in the Middle East McKinney said that the U.S. must be an "honest broker." She said that the United States shouldn't be giving support and arms to Israel to fight against Lebanon, and their fighters who are "throwing rocks."

I would like to let Mr. Johnson answer this one:

"They are doing more than throwing stones," Johnson said specifically of Hezbollah, which is fighting out of Lebanon. "They are hurling missiles."

I'll try to secure video of this exchange.

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