Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lamont Wins Primary, Will Lose General Election

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Ned Lamont and his lackeys are crowing about this big victory. He has won nothing as of yet. Can he take Lieberman in the November election? Highly doubtful.

This should make for some interesting politics on the donk side in the coming congressional and senatorial races.

More later, really busy.

Update: Joe's a shoe-in now. The one politician in the state who has been even more of an embarrassment than Jim McGreevey is going to work hard for Lamont:

WASHINGTON -- New Jersey Democratic Sen. Frank Lautenberg said Wednesday he will work hard to ensure Connecticut businessman Ned Lamont, who defeated Sen. Joe Lieberman in the state's Democratic primary, wins his U.S. Senate race in November.

Last week Lautenberg urged Lieberman not to run as an independent if he lost by a wide margin, but reiterated that call although Lamont narrowly defeated the senator Tuesday. Lieberman filed papers Wednesday to run as an independent.

"I hope Joe Lieberman will permit all of us to unite behind the Democratic nominee for U.S. senator from Connecticut, Ned Lamont," Lautenberg said.

"The voters of Connecticut have spoken and have chosen a different direction," Lautenberg added. "I look forward to serving with him (Lamont) in the Senate as we work to change the course of America for the better."

No Frank, the Democratic voters of Connecticut have spoken. Now with a race between Lieberman as an independaent and Lamont as a Donk, all the voters of Connecticut will get their say.

By the way, this does not count as a win for Kos. He's still 0-17 unless citizen Lamont becomes Senator Lamont.

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