Saturday, August 05, 2006

Jimmy Carter--Revisionist

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Jimmy Carter actually spewed this drivel from his piehole:

Carter talked about his four-year presidency with Mondale in terms that many in the audience said gave them a chill.

"We never dropped a bomb. We never dropped a missile. We never fired a bullet. We kept our nation at peace and secure," Carter said. "Now we come to a time that is incredibly different."

Uh, Jimmuh, maybe that was the problem. You allowed a sovereign nation to hold American citizens as hostages for 444 days while the Soviets marched into Afghanistan and our nation suffered with double digit inflation and high unemployment.

Let's see, what nation is supporting terror and is working to destabilize the region? Would it be Iran? They saw how your administration reacted and they know they won.

It seems it wasn't as peaceful as Pravda Jimmy remembers.

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