Monday, August 28, 2006

The Glee Is Uncontrollable

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T.O. is in the process of destroying his third NFL franchise in five years. This makes me so happy I'm nearly pissing myself. Not the fact that he was even picked up by another club, but that that club is the Cowboys.

You see, where I grew up, your first words weren't "mama," they were "Cowboys suck."

I actually like Parcells, he's a good coach. Unfortunately he sold his soul and is now working for Jerry Jones--a man who allowed Jimmy Johnson to get away to bring in Barry Switzer.

Owens is unarguably the best receiver in the NFL. He's also a friggin' headcase of extreme proportions and he's not being helped one iota by his idiot agent Drew Rosenhaus.

The Cowgirls looked like contenders going into the season. Now they are the NFL's newest joke. I've been laughing my ass off listening to al-Cowgirls-all-the-time radio down here in San Antonio. They are apoplectic. I am ecstatic.

I can't wait to call the local sports talk station tomorrow and rub it in.

Now if we can get the 'girls to trade him to the 'skins or Giants...

Some in Dallas were more prescient than Jones.

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