Friday, August 04, 2006

Friday Snippets

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Good reads from around the web:

*The murder rate in Philly is set to shatter last years. The Mayor is of course blaming guns, guns and more guns. John Baer looks at the root causes that Mayor Street and City Council find convenient to ignore. H/T: Michael Smerconish

*Yes, David Ortiz is as clutch as you think. H/T: The exclellent Baseball Crank.

*Speaking of baseball, not to jinx anyone but the Phillies are legitimately on a hot streak. Chase Utley is in the midst of a 35-game hitting streak--ninth all-time and tied for tops among second basemen all-time. The Phils are in NY to take on the Mets. While we won't catch them, it would be fun to beat them up a bit.

*More idiots on parade. And Cindy Sheehan joined them to show her unity.

*Terri has some thoughts on David Broder and the Iraq war.

*Framing Jews at Indymedia. The Watcher has the story. Note the green footballs.

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