Wednesday, August 02, 2006

An Exodus From the Left

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Canadian Jews are leaving the Liberal Party and it may mirror what is happening in the US:

OTTAWA — Federal Liberals are facing tough questions from their traditional Jewish support base as well as an internal caucus split over their party's position on the Middle East crisis.

"I don't know where the party's at because the party's split," said Senator Jerry Grafstein, a long-time Liberal organizer and influential party member.

"I'm somewhat concerned where the Liberal Party stands right now," he added.

Although the Conservative Party has faced most of the controversy since Prime Minister Stephen Harper characterized the Israeli response in Lebanon as "measured," the Liberal Party is also facing criticism, much of it from within.

...But the community is currently anxious about Israel and some members are impressed by Mr. Harper's lack of equivocation.

I believe this is going to be an issue for American Democrats. The left's non-support or outright animosity toward Isarel in conjunction with the battering they've given Joe Lieberman is going to come back and bite them hard.

Some Dems see it such as Chuck Shumer but they've lost control of the nutroots types such as those a Kos and the ripple effect may threaten the party. (Update: for more comments on the Lieberman as minstrel picture, click here, here, here and here.)

President Bush's support for Israel may bring an increasing influx of Jewish-American voters to the GOP.

As in Canada, American Jews are small in number but very influential with fundraising. If they decide not to contribute to the donks or worse yet start voting Republican, that would be an amazing detriment to the minority party.

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