Friday, August 04, 2006

Did Hamsher Sink Lamont?

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Because of the Hamsher kerfuffle yesterday, Ned Lamont was forced to utter this now infamous line:

"I don't know anything about the blogs. I'm not responsible for those. I have no comment on them."

You are so busted, Mr. Lamont:

It turns out that Mr. Lamont also was a bit hypocritical when he slammed Wal-Mart's benefits considering he has $31,000 worth of their stock. Allahpundit has all the news.

I ask again: wouldn't it be ironic if Jane Hamsher ruined Lamonts campaign that she has spent months working on? Yesterday should've been the day that Lieberman was eliminated as the story of the poll numbers was released showing Lamont with a sizable lead. Instead, the only story featuring Lamont all day was the blackface issue which was a direct result of Hamsher.

H/T: Junkyard Blog

Update: More hypocrisy noted from John Edwards.

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