Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Death of Democracy in Connecticut?

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The Donk party--you know, the inclusive ones--are not inclusive when it comes to Joe Lieberman:

HARTFORD, Conn., Aug. 21 -- Critics of Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman's independent run to keep his job attacked on two fronts Monday, with one group asking an elections official to throw him out of the Democratic Party and a former rival calling on state officials to keep his name off the November ballot.

Ok, I guess it's their prerogative to toss old Joe even if he was their VP candidate just six years ago Hell, if I were Joe I'd have bailed on the lame party already but I digress.

The part that gets me is that they are trying to get him off the ballot and not allow the entire voting populace in CT to make their voices heard. He's not running as a Donk, he's running as an Independent and did everything legally to be in this position. Do the Donks really want to subvert democracy because of their anger at one man? Evidently so.

You may recall the time a few years ago where Robert Toricelli was forced to drop and the donk argument was that New Jerseyans deserve the chance to vote for whatever candidate they choose. If you don't remember, click here for a refresher showing how the donks used the courts to subvert the law.

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