Thursday, August 17, 2006

Brit Citizens Want Tougher Terror Fight

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According to a poll, the British public wants tougher anti-terror laws, a renewed effort against international terrorism--perhaps unilaterally and they want to do it without the US:

A majority of British people wants the Government to adopt an even more "aggressive" foreign policy to combat international terrorism, according to an opinion poll conducted after the arrests of 24 terrorism suspects last week.

However - by a margin of more than five to one - the public wants Tony Blair to split from President George W Bush and either go it alone in the "war on terror", or work more closely with Europe.

Only eight per cent of those questioned by YouGov said Mr Bush and Mr Blair were winning the battle against Muslim fundamentalism.

The left will spin this as Bush is losing an ally and the war but if you look at the rest of the piece they explain exactly why: America is not willing to temporarily curb the rights of citizens and non-citizens to win the war. The American media's obsession with disclosing every intelligence gathering operation is making us an unreliable partner.

When asked whether Britain should change its foreign policy in response to terrorism only 12 per cent said it should be more conciliatory, compared with 53 per cent who thought it should become more "aggressive" and 24 per who wanted no change.

So the majority of Brits want a more agressive policy while in America the MSM is pushing for a less agressive policy.

I guess they have their priorities more properly aligned in England.

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