Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A Real Life Zionist-Controlled Media

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The Israeli's have surmised that the MSM will not accurately tell the story so they've enlisted their own military to do it:

JERUSALEM -- The Israeli army has equipped its soldiers in Lebanon with video cameras, hoping they will return from the battlefield with footage of Hezbollah casualties and weapon stashes, the army spokeswoman said Tuesday.

The move is Israel's latest attempt to ward off criticism that it is restricting media access to the front despite daily media briefings by top generals. Israel has not allowed reporters to accompany the troops and its censors can delay the release of information.

To those lefty idiots who whine about the "zionist-owned media" this should give them an embolism.


"We gave the fighters on the ground small cameras, we bought it for them, we told them 'take pictures of what you do, take pictures of dead terrorists (the editors of Reuters, AP and AFP just had embolisms at the use of that term--ed), take pictures of the captives you take ... take pictures of the arms warehouses, take pictures of tunnels,'" Regev told Israel's Army Radio.

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