Tuesday, July 18, 2006

News Briefs

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News and notes from around the web (non-war edition):

*Phin will be sleeping on my couch as soon as his wife reads this.

*If you read nothing else today, read Frank J's ripping satire "We Could Have Peace in the Middle East If Only a Few More People Would Condemn Israel". Awesome.

*John Edwards changes his focus issue more than my 7-year old daughter changes clothes (anyone with a seven year old girl can understand exactly what I mean). His latest incarnation
sees him as the poverty authority.

*Air America is in shambles and I can't stop laughing about it. Hat tip: Mein Blogovault.

Update: Enrevanche urges W. to rethink his threatened veto of the stem cell bill. He's got personal issues for his plea.

As always, take a minute or hour to read any of the great blogs linked in the sidebar on the right. They are generally smarter than me and have less grammatical errors per paragraph (but who doesn't?).

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