Friday, July 21, 2006

Lazy Friday Post (Non GD Version)

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A few good videos to check out during the weekend.

The Offspring doing the Kids Aren't Alright at Woodstock 1999. Audio is not great but adequate.

Bob Marley's War based on a Haile Selassie speech to the UN. This song is off of one of the best albums ever recorded--Rastaman Vibration. Here is the speech.

A rough version of Lynyrd Skynyrd's That Smell right before Ronnie van Zant died. This remains the best anti-drug song ever written. Skynyrd was rolling and Ronnie was writing some of the best music he'd ever written.

Greg Allman with the Neville Brothers doing Midnight Rider. Note Bonnie Raitt playing slide and Aaron Neville and Greg harmonizing.

311's Amber live.

Alice in Chain's Rooster--acoustic from MTV Unplugged. Blaine Staley's voice was one of a kind. Too bad heroin was more important. Word is that Jerry Cantrell and the boys are reuniting.

A Sublime medley live. A walk-on from Lou-dog and a good example of how good the band was. Their live performances were schizophrenic. They mixed ska, reggae, punk and grunge in a puree that was impossible to characterize. Again, for Bradley Newell, too damn bad heroin was more important than his music and family. He never got to experience how big this band got. We were robbed of where they would have gone next. The sound quality is OK.

Update: In keeping with this weeks events, why not show a little anti-Semitism from Darren at System of a Down. Check out his opening comment (23-seconds in)to Hypnotize. It strikes me as bizarre that a band comprised of the children of Armenia immigrants who were persecuted by the Turks think this way.

Update 2: I noticed I've left out the women. My favorite (my wife calls it my caring side) Natalie Merchant belts it out on What's the Matter Here with 10000 Maniacs. This song always appealed to me because she sings from the point of view of one witnessing child abuse but not having the guts to stop it. Her voice is awesome.

Update 3: A very cool animated Neil Peart doing YYZ.

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