Monday, July 31, 2006

It Would Take Every Republican to Get Our Arms Around Him

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Michael Moore says he appeals to the GOP as well as the looney left:

TRAVERSE CITY, Michigan (Reuters) - Michael Moore -- gadfly filmmaker, liberal activist and political lightning rod -- says he finds himself being hugged by a lot of Republicans these days.

On the streets of Traverse City, where Moore is working on last-minute preparations for a bigger-and-better sequel to the film festival he launched last year in his home state, the Oscar-winning director says he is approached all the time by conservatives ready to make peace.

"If you were to hang out with me here it won't be five or 10 minutes before you see a Republican hug me. That is almost as entertaining as some of the films," Moore said in an interview.

Sure Mike. Us Republicans love you and your mockumentaries because you are just speaking truth to power! Or not.

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