Thursday, July 27, 2006

Israeli's Putting the Wood to Hezbollah

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The Israeli's seem to be taking care of business:

ISRAEL'S army chief Dan Halutz said today that "enormous" damage had been inflicted on the Shiite Muslim militia of Hezbollah during its 16-day-old massive offensive in Lebanon."The damage inflicted on Hezbollah at the strategic level is enormous," Mr Halutz said at a joint press conference with Defence Minister Amir Peretz, adding that that "hundreds" of fighters for the Shiite militia had been hit.

Mr Peretz said that "Hezbollah will not return to what it was before" and reiterated that Israel intended to set up a buffer zone in southern Lebanon to protect its northern border from attack.

"We will not allow the Hezbollah flag to be lifted again on the fences of the state of Israel," he said.

Well a big old amen to that. Hezbollah thought the Israeli's would not respond...surprise Hassan, they are decimating whatever forces you once had.

This info may contradict what the MSM has been telling you.

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