Friday, June 30, 2006

Reason #245,987 Why People Hate Liberal Elites

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What an arrogant, solipsistic jerk this clown is:

And then you go to a nice restaurant and sit down next to some troglodyte wearing... A BASEBALL CAP.

Oh how I hate these things. I didn't mind them when a few people wore them. Then it served as the rudimentary expression of taste, or as the vague outline of identity. But soon everyone began putting them on their heads. It's gotten so black kids from the ghetto have to wear them with the bill pulled down over their eyes just so they won't be mistaken for yuppie bankers.

The baseball cap's insinuation that life is a game with transparent rules gets to me. Also the insinuation that by wearing a baseball cap in inappropriate situations--like indoors--you have what it takes to break the rules and win the game. And I'm bothered by the herdlike nature of the baseball-cap trend mixed with its affectation of insouciance. The baseball-cap people want to have the lofty cool indifference of an aristocrat, yet their need to have it in the standard approved way makes them anything but cool and indifferent.

That sums up liberals in a way I couldn't. They have to look around them and find something wrong that just plain irritates them. So what if somebody wears a baseball hat? So what if they wear overalls for crying out loud? It's their life and they can live it as they choose without some arrogant prick scolding them for it.

I especially like the line about the cap insinuating (how a cap can do anything--especially insinuate--is beyond me, but I digress) that life's rules are transparent is way past elite and into downright snobbish. That line reminds me of the "Kerry is too nuanced for people to understand" argument these idiots pushed back in 2004.

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