Wednesday, June 21, 2006

NY Times Reporter Has 422 Bylines in Year

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You read the headline right:

With those two bylines and two taglines, Mr. Chan raised his number of reporting credits in the past 12 months to 422. On average, if you pick up a copy of The New York Times, Mr. Chan’s name will appear in it 1.15 times.

Since he debuted in The Times in November 2004—with a contributor’s credit on a story about the lowering of terror-threat levels—Mr. Chan, now 28 years old, has recorded more than 600 credits. He has covered Hurricane Katrina, the transit strike, the Lake George boating disaster and the fine print of the municipal budget.

No one has the time to research that many stories and get them correct. Oops, my bust, it's the Times so it doesn't matter if they're true.

This guy probably does it like Jayson Blair; sitting in a hotel room or in his kitchen. Kind of makes him sound like a blogger.

The truly funny thing is that Paul Krugman and Maureen Dowd can't write two coherent pieces in a week and this guy is writing nearly two a day.

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