Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Loss is a Win in Donkland

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Brian Bilbray won the run-off election for the house by nearly four percentage points. The GOP really didn't win according to Chris Bowers at MyDD:

In 2004, Busby lost the CA-50 by 22.0%. Today, it looks like she will lose by around 4.5%. And that was with the NRCC spending $4.5M on the race. If Republicans want to spin losing 18 points after spending $4.5M of committee money as a good thing, go for it. After all, spin is basically why they spent so much money on this race. By blowing their wad in a solidly Republican district, they wanted to change the media narrative on the election in their favor.

As noted at Decision '08, this was an election to fill the seat of the most corrupt Republican we've seen in quite some time, Randy "Duke" Cunningham. The poster boy--along with Jack Abramoff--for the corrupt Republican party.

Bilbray got nearly 50% in a county that is reeling from the illegal immigration issue and Cunninghams antics. In fact, Bilbray has been a staunch critic of our lax illegal immigration policies and ran on that platform.

If Bowers wishes to claim moral victories, that's surely his prerogative. If he was as astute as he thinks he is, he may want to take a step back and look at what this means with regard to the November elections and the Donks chances.

Never mind. I hope they all look at this as Bowers does so we can watch them all flood back to their therapists office's after they fail again in November.

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