Thursday, June 15, 2006

I Hate When I Agree With The ACLU

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Damn, I hate when this happens:

MIAMI, United States (UPI) -- Miami school officials have decided to ban a controversial book about Cuba from public school libraries, The Miami Herald reported Thursday.

School board members voted to remove the 32-page geography book titled 'A Visit to Cuba' from shelves after Cuban exiles in the city said it portrayed the communist island in an idealized light and doesn`t represent the hardship of life in Cuba under the leadership of President Fidel Castro.

The American Civil Liberties Union has condemned the move as a violation of free speech and the U.S. constitution.

Some Cubans in Miami also opposed the move saying that banning books was a practice similar to the censorship Cubans must endure under the Castro administration.

Of course, the ACLU is right and the school board is wrong. Again, I hate when I agree with those people, it makes me feel like I need a shower.

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