Tuesday, February 21, 2006

More on the Dubai Fiasco

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Sometimes the Bush administration does things that astound me with their ignorance. The Harriet Miers nomination being the most glaring example until this week.

Bush has now threatened to veto any legislation passed to stop the UAE from buying the British corporation that runs numerous US ports.

Aside from the national security implications, this is a grenade politically. He is getting shredded throughout the blogosphere including Glenn Reynolds:

SO NOW BUSH IS THREATENING TO VETO any legislation that would block the Dubai ports deal? Either this deal is somehow a lot more important than it seems (a quid pro quo for, well, something . . . ) or Bush is an idiot. Your call.


Anyway, when you look at this up close; it is a very good business deal. Many ports throughout the world are owned by UAE-based companies and all US ports are owned by foreign corporations.

That said, Bush has miscalculated dramatically. The softball that Bush has thrown to the Donks will be (and has been) whacked out of the park by mental midgets such Robert Menendez and Hillary Clinton.

If Rove had anything to do with this, it was for one reason only; to get Cheney's name out of the paper. If that's the case, it was a huge mistake because the American public was sick of that story anyway.

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