Monday, July 25, 2005

Bob Schieffer-Republican Shill

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According to the always reliable, and very liberal, Media Matters, Dan Rather's replacement as anchor for CBS News, Bob Schieffer is partisan towards the GOP:

It's been four months since CBS news anchor Dan Rather stepped down. But Les Moonves, the network's president, is in no hurry to replace Bob Schieffer, the 68-year-old reporter who has been filling Mr. Rather's chair on the evening news show. Mr. Moonves told a meeting of TV critics in Los Angeles last week that under Mr. Schieffer, "We've gotten our credibility back" and "as long as we have Schieffer there, we don't have a gun to our head."

But Mr. Moonves got into hot water with liberal activists by adding that a fringe benefit of having the avuncular Texan in the anchor chair is that "obviously the White House doesn't hate CBS" anymore. Media Matters, a liberal media watchdog, darkly noted that Mr. Schieffer has played golf with President Bush and that his brother, John Thomas Schieffer, was a business partner of Mr. Bush's and served his administration as ambassador to Australia. The liberal group further noted that Broadcasting and Cable magazine had reported that CBS News President Andrew Heyward had met with White House officials in January and assured them that "from here on out (CBS) would do everything it could to be fair and balanced."

You got that? Because CBS assured the White House that they will strive to be "fair and balance", they are now an extension of the RNC. I guess if a man isn't fabricating documents and then lying about them, he must be a propagandist for the Bush administration.

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