Friday, March 11, 2005

Kyoto Debunked (Again)

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A scientist has a great take on global warming and the Kyoto Protocols:

Baliunas said if there actually was anything extraordinary about the 20th century, it was that there was so little climate change.
Widespread studies showed there was a slight warming trend from the start of the 20th century until around 1940, then a period of stagnation, with a slight warming trend reappearing at the end of the century.
Friends of Science president Douglas Leahey said all his organization asks is fair and open debate on the reasons for climate change.
"If greenhouse gases do not significantly add to climate change, then we are wasting our resources," said Leahey, whose group says Ottawa's own studies suggest fulfilling Kyoto commitments will cost the average Canadian family $1,700 every year.
Baliunas suggested the most obvious reason for climate change came from the sun and particularly from sunspots and the particles and magnetic fields emitted by them.
She said in the 1600s people blamed floods and storms on witches who "cooked" the weather.
Thousands of suspected witches were put on trial and burned at the stake in central Europe.
"If you don't have a scientific reason for climate change, then you have to blame someone. That's how it was hundreds of years ago, and that's how it is today."

As I noted yesterday, Canada bought Kyoto hook, line and sinker and GWB did not. I don't know the weather where you live but I've pretty much freezed my ass off for three months. Snow is above normal, my youth soccer team has missed two games because of snow and I'm hoping the baseball team I coach can possibly practice next week.

Kyoto is a sham and was used as an albatross to hang around W's neck. Any honest environmentalist would see that. The major watermelon groups (green on the outside, red on the inside) have been anything but forthright when discussing this issue.

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