Saturday, January 24, 2009

Predator Strikes Under Obama Much Like Ones Under Bush

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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Obama ordered a predator strike to go forward in Pakistan:

Two missile attacks launched from remotely piloted American aircraft killed at least 15 people in western Pakistan on Friday. The strikes suggested that the use of drones to kill militants within Pakistan’s borders would continue under President Obama.

Remotely piloted Predator drones operated by the Central Intelligence Agency have carried out more than 30 missile attacks since last summer against members of Al Qaeda and other terrorism suspects deep in their redoubts on the Pakistani side of the border with Afghanistan.

But some of the attacks have also killed civilians, enraging Pakistanis and making it harder for the country’s shaky government to win support for its own military operations against Taliban guerrillas in the country’s lawless border region.

...In the second attack, missiles struck a house near the village of Wana in South Waziristan, killing seven people, according to local accounts and Pakistani news reports. The reports said three of the dead were children.
But wait, it killed children--what Rethuglicans and Wingnuts call "collateral damage". The anti-warriors must be horrified and screaming about this egregious use of force against civilians, right?

Let's see.

First, we have this quote from Code Pink about the murder of innocents who has vowed to keep an eye on Obama:

Ok, what about International A.N.S.W.E.R? They must be appalled and had this to say:

What about Not In Our Name? They hate war. Oops, their website is gone inactive.

Hmmm...OK, you know that Iraq Veterans Against the War had something to say about the murderous attack by the Obama administration:

Er, what about Veterans for Peace, they have a nice Yes We Can! pic on their front page but they say nothing.

Alright, someone has to have actually stuck by their convictions and is calling out the new President for doing exactly what George Bush did.

United for Peace and Justice, the Campus Anti-War Network website is off back up but says nothing and no other groups thought it important enough to even post anything about the deaths of children at the hands of the military industrial complex.

I had one last option to find someone, anyone from the anti-warrior side who was not a complete hypocrite and would actually come out and challenge the new President. It should be easier now that they don't have to worry about the secret surveillance, secret detention centers and oppressive policies of the Bush administration anymore. I googled Medea Benjamin--founder of Code Pink--in Google News and found...nothing. She found more than enough time to post every single atrocity allegedly committed by Israel (truth was not a paramount concern in the postings either) against the Gazans but just could not find time to criticize The One.

So what can we surmise from this little investigation? How about the left-wing of this country is populated with hypocritical ideologues who not only hated Bush but had a severe dislike for America. Now that they have a leader who they feel a kinship with, well, it's all good.

Update: I also failed to mention that the new Obama administration is acting with more secrecy than Bush ever did with regard to military matters:

It's one of the first military actions of the Obama administration, but press secretary Robert Gibbs wouldn't say a word about it at today's briefing.

Reports indicate that a U.S. Predator drone fired three missiles in Pakistan, near the border with Afghanistan. When the subject came up, Gibbs said, "As you know, I'm not going to comment on those matters."

He moved quickly on to the second part of the reporter's question, prompting some laughter, but then serious questions from the room: would he really not comment on any military action ever?

"I'm not going to speak about these matters today," Gibbs clarified.
Gibbs is going to make the idiotic Scott McClelland look like a genius.

Update: It seems that the ascension of Obama has had an immediate effect on our standing in the world. Can we get them to hate us more? YES WE CAN!

Update: Awesome. Via Free Republic:

Update: Glenn Reynolds linked. Thanks and please see also this post on Rush, Obama and the Fairness Doctrine.

Note: Changes made as two sites that were not working this morning are working now but have no comments about Obama.


Anonymous said...

Obama lied, people died.

Impeach Obama, he is a war criminal!

Dissent is the highest form of patriotism!

He's not my, aw crap, this is just tedious...

Lefties are hypocrites? Who knew?

Unknown said...

Now wait a minute here, he did say he was going to declare war on Pakistan. He'll get around to the formal declaration soon enough.

That will be the CHANGE!

Ashok said...

That might have been one of the best posts I've seen in recent memory.

Thank you.

robert verdi said...

Frauds, all of them. What was Michael Moore's response, or has he been silent as well.

Anonymous said...

Sure, it's entertaining to see how many of these hypocrites are keeping their mouths shut about the whole thing, but if you want to see something really funny, check out the true believers who are complaining! The World Can't Wait is already crying foul, and some of the commentators there are already trying to talk them down.

It's a small consolation, but watching these losers cry over their non-victory as their membership deflates and their hangers-on drain away should be very entertaining.

Incidentally, you can see much the same result with the paleo-con Bush haters: they're mostly over at crying and whining because so very few voted for their Jew-hating anal-cephalic messiah Ron Paul. (At least some of them have found something productive to do with their time, though: they're shorting stocks and trying to make some money off the inevitable failure of this new administration to fix the economy.)

Anonymous said...

Overly simplistic nonsense. I am very anti-war...but the war based on a lie in Iraq. Not the war in Afghanistan, which is furthered by crazies trained and armed via Pakistan. Stop the silly labels. Some wars are--believe it or not--good and moral and right. Others not so.

This dumb post simply conservatives chewing the liver over Obama. Again.

Scott said...

Funny. Iraq is free and millions are free of oppression, women aren't raped and Saddam isn't murdering anyone anymore.

But that was Bush's war, right.

Thanks for making my point so effectively.

Steverino said...

"From where Winston stood it was just possible to read, picked out on its white face in elegant lettering, the three slogans of the Party:

George Orwell

Bildo said...

"women aren't raped and Saddam isn't murdering anyone anymore."

I would only add; And neither of his thuggish sons are either.

Anonymous said...

I think very realist had to know Obama wouldn't stop anything. all those soldiers in Iraq or Afghanistan - what, are they going to throw their weapons away and just lie in the sun? Spain can withdraw army, Canada can, even the UK can do it more or less simply. USA don't have that chance...

Anonymous said...

Insurance is changing as we know it due to obama. Since then the rates have drastically changed. All leading companies have changed lots of policies. When was the last time you researched insurance rates? You'd be surprised what recently changed!!!


Anonymous said...

I saw Obama eating the dead babies bodies with blood dripping off his fangs. I did , I really did.

Daniel in Brookline said...

Frankly, I can't bring myself to get as worked up about this as the rest of you.

The visceral hatred of President Bush was such that every act of his, no matter how small, was inspected closely for an opportunity to pounce. President Obama is very much in his "honeymoon" phase; as such, comparing criticism of Bush, at the end of his Presidency, to lack of criticism of Obama at the beginning of his, doesn't make much sense to me -- particularly with respect to an ongoing policy.

Nor does it bother me all that much that the press continues to cover for Obama now that he's President; force of habit, and all that. (If they're still doing it a year from now, I pledge to -- well, to pay even less attention to them than I do now.)

I'm Hopeful that things will Change. But it'll take a little time. In the meantime, I believe it was Voltaire who said: "If Satan were ever to replace God, he would find it necessary to assume the attributes of Divinity".

So far President Obama hasn't quite proved to be the socialist many he feared he was; he doesn't look much like a lifetime member of either. He may yet surprise us all; time will tell.

Daniel in Brookline