Monday, November 03, 2008

Election Eve News

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Michael Barone on what to expect election night from the first poll closing to last.

The latest battleground polls. McCain leads in FLA and NC. They are tied in OH and MO and Obama leads in VA and CO. No PA numbers. Definitely trending McCain. Cause for hope or just getting our hopes up to be crushed?

The amount of people who are very confident that votes will be counted correctly is roughly the same amount who are very confident in Congress.

Via Ace, Mark Katherine Ham assembled the chameleon-like changes of Obama:

Vet calls Murtha a "fat little bastard". I've called him worse on a good day such as Abscammer, Pelosi lapdog...More anti-Murtha fun here. I viscerally hate the dude for what he did to those Haditha Marines.

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