Tuesday, January 08, 2008

TNR Rips Off Freepers and LGF on Ron Paul Story

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The New Republic (offline due to a Drudge link)--the magazine that has lost any remnant of respect--digs into Ron Paul's old newsletters and finds that he's racist, homophobic, a liar, anti-Semitic and a conspiracy theorist. Anyone who's been paying even the slightest attention could have told you that long ago. PJM has a capsule of the most damning quotes.

Update: TNR link is working and man are the Paulite's pissed. Here's an example:

hmm..makes me wonder, Kirchick...who's your daddy?? Fox News? Giuliani camp? hmm.... Reality is you and your handlers are losing your grip on the great unwashed. So sorry....NOT! We all got some schoolin' when you weren't lookin'! I am seriously looking to have your job. I think I could probably do just as well drumming up stuff. Maybe even convincingly! Was a nice effort, though. Posted by PAUL102 of 138 warn tnr respond

just more of the same old BS.. another socialist shill who is afraid that his socialist/fascist/commie big government ,give me my handout, is coming to an end.. what a joke,, if people who read this article take 2 hours to do thier own research they will see that the author of this article is full of brown stuff and that his sphincter muscle is cutting off the oxygen flow to his brain because he is being strangled! Posted by Gayle41 of 138 warn tnr respond

Blithering crap. Ron Paul is the most devout moral individualist in the race. He is clear in his perspective and advocates equal rights - natural rights - for all individuals, regardless of the titles we ascribe to people. This piece is worthless rehashes of issues that have already been discussed and dealt with elsewhere. I, for one, am tired of being plundered and attacked by the establishment simply because I am an honest, working individual. How about someone who really cares about me? That's right, I'm not a part of the politically connected, therefore I don't matter. This whole thing is a joke. Posted by brian40 of 138 warn tnr respond

Fact is Ron Paul has the pundits running scared and they will resort to anything to discredit him. Why do you think this popped up on Drudge so quickly? Research your facts next time, I smell a serious lawsuit brewing and I hope Dr Paul takes you for everything you have. Freedom will prevail tonight in New Hampshire. Posted by Furbdog34 of 138 warn tnr respond
And shocka! Ron Paul is...Ghandi:

"First they ignore you, then they make fun of you, THEN THEY ATTACK YOU, then you win." Gandhi. Posted by mjhlaw29 of 138 warn tnr respond

Fuck off Kirchick...just FUCK OFF. Angry enough? Posted by Hunter S.18 of 138 warn tnr respond
And finally from someone named Lucinda who sounds exactly like Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme when talking about Charles Manson:

Horrible photo... Paul looks angelic, not like this ultra-close distortion. Posted by Lucinda11 of 138 warn tnr respond
I had forgot about this but Ann Althouse reminds us that Ron Paul is the candidate of...Andrew Sullivan. That is just too damn good, Sullivan berates Bush because he won't allow gay marriage and his chosen candidate is proven a racist and an anti-semitic twit. Sweet irony, eh Saint Andrew?

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