Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Transit Workers to NY--"Screw You"

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The Transit Workers Union in NYC is on strike. This effects roughly 7-million commuters who rely on mass transit.

The workers want 10% for each of three years and 25 years of service with 50% retirement. That's on a par with police and firefighters.

The end result is that the people of New York and New Jersey are screwed and are now forced to find alternate means of transportation.

Update: Kat noticed that the TWU blog has comments and as of this moment there are 473 of them. They are not very nice:

Anonymous said...
I hope Roger Toussant gets syphilous and dies
6:11 AM

I imagine that they will shut the comments off sometime today.

Update 2: Someone posted Toussaint's address. Um, Rog. I'd be very careful. We also have the comical (in a NY kinda way):

Anonymous said...
You sumbitch! I here on jihad and just today was my big boom for subway! I now never get with 72 virgins! You corksarkers!
12:03 PM

Update 3: Welcome Instapundit readers. Please visit Kat since she turned me on this link.
Update 4: Here's a list of picket locations. Go tell 'em what you think.
Update 5: Someone realized what was happening and took down the comments. I wonder if anyone from the NY Post got wind and printed them out. One can hope.
Update 6: Craig found the comments while diving in a Google cache (See comments below). I hope to post them soon.
Update 7: Thanks also to Ed Driscoll. Again, please give some link love to Kat since she found the site.
Update 8: Thanks to Glenn, I link to Dart Blog who has all 733 comments. I love the blogosphere.

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