Sunday, November 06, 2005

NJ Governor Race is National News

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The Gubernatorial race in Jersey is now being watched around the nation. As I earlier commented on, the race has been ugly from the start, run more as a slamfest and less of an issues-driven race.

It has gotten worse as the end draws near:

New Jersey Public Radio & Television aired a report Friday night in which New Jersey Democratic Candidate for Governor Jon Corzine was grilled about whether a staffer he allegedly had an affair with -- had an abortion.

And it goes down from there. Two days ago, a columnist in the NY Daily News published a rumor about Forrester having an affair with a former staffer. The columnist received the rumor as an e-mail.

I predict Corzine wins by 5%.

I support Forrester, simply because Corzine is a shady character with regard to financial dealings and is a tax and spend liberal in the Florio mold.

Forrester is a conservative, although he's run this race mostly from the center-right.

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