Friday, November 04, 2005

Corzine in Trouble?

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The gubernatorial race in NJ is in its final week and although Jon Corzine still holds a lead, revelations from his ex-wife may change that.

TRENTON - The most serious blow to U.S. Sen. Jon S. Corzine's gubernatorial campaign may not have come from his Republican opponent but from the Democrat's scorned ex-wife.

Joanne Corzine, the senator's childhood sweetheart and his wife for 33 years, has excoriated his character and politics in three newspapers this week.

Reflecting on a campaign ad in which Republican candidate Douglas Forrester's wife, Andrea, promises her husband won't let New Jersey down, Joanne Corzine told the New York Times, "Jon did let his family down, and he'll probably let New Jersey down, too."

She told the Newark Star-Ledger that Corzine had "compromised his ideals to get elected," and that his affair with the head of a public-employees' union was the "catalyst" to their 2002 separation and 2003 divorce.

This will have some impact on the campaign. A scorned ex-wife may not be the best testimonial for Forrester, but I believe quite a few women who have had husbands leave may decide to vote for Forrester or not vote at all.

Corzine has proven to be shady by "loaning" his lover and powerful union official in excess of $400K and then forgiving the debt. This is typical politics in New Jersey. It may not wash in the first post-McGreevey election for governor.

Forrester by contrast, is running a bit more of a focused campaign (at least in the last few weeks) and may be winning some independents over by his 30% in 3-years property tax reduction initiative. He has been running as a moderate conservative, but that's what wins elections for Republicans in NJ. Think Christie Whitman and Tom Kean.

The latest poll number should be released in the next few days and will tell whether or not Corzine has been hurt by the allegations.

New Jersey has seen enough from the Democrats and the entire McGreevey scandal may be the downfall of Corzine. The pay to play culture is rampant and the citizens are getting testy about it.

Either way, he destroyed any chance he had of winning the presidency in '08.

Update: Rumors abound of some issues emerging from Forrester's closet. More as it becomes clearer. It appears these allegations are unfounded.

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