Tuesday, November 20, 2007

UN Grossly Inflates Worldwide HIV Numbers

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The UN is expected to reduce the number of people they've estimated infected with the HIV virus by 7-million people. It seems the only numbers the UN doesn't inflate is the amount its bureaucrats made on the oil for food scam in concert with Saddam.
This is not insignificant as the US has pledged and delivered billions of dollars to African nations to try to treat HIV sufferers. That amount was based on the amount of people believed to be suffering. As liberals are wont to say about Iraq war funding, couldn't that money have been better spent on anti-poverty programs here at home? The UN lied, poor kids cried! The fact that it is a 100% preventable disease always seems to be forgotten as well.

The first question that should come to the mind of any sane person is what other numbers did they exaggerate? The UN is the international sale manager for global warming hysteria. If they could be so far off on HIV numbers, how far off are they for planetary destruction warnings.

Some people like this misguided soul here can't comprehend why we don't trust the UN. It's simple; they are anti-America, anti-Israel, anti-Capitalism, support the most despotic regimes on the planet, lie, steal, rape children and generally make matters worse wherever they intervene. In other words, the vaunted UN is useless. We give billions to the UN and they piss on us at every opportunity.

I'll make it simple for you libs; suppose you made $150 a week working at Starbucks and you were forced to pay $20 to a local group consisting of every conceivable class of people in town but they were only forced to pay $0.50. Now let's say that whenever a dispute came up between you and another member, the leader of the group always went against you regardless of right or wrong. You're the rich one so you are always wrong. Let's further imagine that you were in charge of the anti-crime board for this organization but were forced out and replaced by the local Crips leader. Your friend (let's call him Yitzak) who lives in a small, yet nice house in the middle of the largest crime area in town is struggling to hang on amidst the daily attacks on himself and his family by the Crips and their enemies the Bloods. Every time Yitzak calls for protection and redress, he not only doesn't receive it but is excoriated and told it is him who is the problem. Let's go on and imagine that the leaders (we'll call him Coffee Amman) son gets rich off a scam that your money is supporting.
In a nut shell, that's why us "wing-nuts" abhor the UN.

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